Football League officials would discuss the issue of Coventry City FC this week, according to reports.

The EFL officials will discuss the situation at the club when all the league clubs meet behind closed doors.

Coventry City would not have a home at the end of this term when the standing deal to play at the Ricoh Arena lapses. The club academy’s long term ground is also under threat as its lease at the Alan Higgs Centre is set to end next year. The club’s training ground at Ryton has also been named as a likely location for housing, meaning more problems for the football side.

Pressure groupsare urging the EFL not to allow the club sink beyond control. The supporters and fans do not want the club to leave its home city again, especially after the last episode. In the 2013/14 season, the club had to host home games at Northampton’s Sixfields ground. After more than a year and a debate at the Parliament, the sports minister helped them. Continue reading “COVENTRY CITY PROBLEMS TO BE DISCUSSED AT EFL MEETING”


Carl Baker want a second stint at Coventry City, according to reports.

The club’s former captain featured in over 180 games the last time but he wants back in. The player is understood to want to be close to home and reunite with his former coach. Despite having a year left in his contract with Portsmouth, he wants to be at Ricoh Arena this summer.

Baker netted 28 times in 182 games for Coventry where he led the team. He was handed the armband again at Pompey in the pre-season game at Salisbury. He is one of the senior stars in the set-up where Kenny Jackett leads.

Jackett is the replacement for former coach Paul Cook who had moved on to Wigan Athletic. The manager has been studying the current crop of players to know the best moves for the team. Jackett has signed just two players so far. Continue reading “CARK BAKER WANTS TO PLAY FOR COVENTRY AGAIN”

Coventry players should sign new deals

Former Coventry City captain Sam Ricketts have urged some players to sign a new contract with the club during the transfer window.

Indeed there are seven players that will be out of contract at the end of the current season and Ricketts have encouraged them to pen a new deal.

He believes that they would have some difficulties in getting new deals elsewhere and that it might be important for them to sign a new contract with Coventry City if they want to continue their football career.

He said that they could experience great difficulties to find a new club and this is why he is encouraging them to sign a new contract with Coventry.

He believes that there are already familiar with the manager as well as the staff and that they know the club better than anyone else. He said that going to a new club will mean that they will have to adapt to new players as well as coaching staff and this can be a major stumbling block for their progression. Continue reading “Coventry players should sign new deals”


A steward of the club that has been serving the football club for a long time seems not as impressed with the club anymore.

In an interview with the Telegraph, he said he joined the club because he was comfortable with leaving the fans with a happy face after each game but added that that feeling was no longer existent with the happenings at the club as it is run by London hedge fund Sisu.

“As a steward of 12 year, the recent stories, complaints and rumoursare very hurtful. When I joined, I joined a happy band of stewards and 99 percent were there because of their love for Coventry City Football Club, not for the money, and it was satisfying to see supporters go home with a smile on their face and you went home looking forward to the next home game,” he started out.

He continued saying he could not go when the club started playing home games from out of the city. He said he was happy when there were talks of a return, but with the a Premiership Rugby team coming to Richoh, it angered the fans. Continue reading “COVENTRY STEWARDS NO LONGER HAPPY”


The right back for Charlton Athletic, Kevin Foley, is set to sign a new agreement with Coventry City.

Russell Slade, Coventry City’s boss is keen on signing the 32 year old who was one of his former players.

Foley was recently released by the Addicks and would join the Sky Blues on a free transfer. This is expected to last till the end of the season, and if possible, look towards an extension of his contract for another season.

Foley began his career at Luton. For seven years, he was with the Wolves, helping them win promotion in 2009 to the Premier League title. If the deal goes through, he would become Slade’s fourth signing since the transfer window opened this January.

Last year, Slade had brought Foley down to the Charlton side on a short term deal that ended this week. He has also had some spells with FC Copenhagen, the Danish club side, and Ipswich Town, Championship club side before his move to The Valley. Continue reading “CHARLTON’S KEVIN FOLEY IN MOVE TO COVENTRY CITY”


The Telegraph did an investigative report on the Coventry City new stadium based on assertions by CCFC Chair Tim Fisher.

Fisher claims that the club has identified a site on the boundary of the city as the location for the proposed project. At the height of the Rioch Arena crisis, Fisher claimed a new stadium would be “designed and delivered in three years,” but it seems it was all talk and no action going by the project report.

Plans have not been revealed on the state of the project since then. May this year, the chairman again mentioned to fans at a Supporters’ Consultative Group meeting that the plans to build a new stadium was still active. However, he mentioned that the preferred option was a redevelopment of Butts Park Arena which would be executed in partnership with Coventry Rugby Club.

In a sharp contrast, the same chair told fans this October that those plans could not move ahead as there was a “political embargo.” For a planning of that size, certain organizations would at least have been approached on the subject. Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Telegraph investigated and about 19 organizations claimed that there were no contact whatsoever on the development of a new stadium. Such a project would likely hold at least 10,000 people and at least any of these 19 organizations would have the slightest information. Continue reading “COVENTRY CITY NEW STADIUM SCAM?”