Coventry Gets Back To Focusing On FC

Tony Mowbray is the boss of Coventry City; he has a large responsibility on his shoulder.

Keeping up the competition within the team is also one of the strategies that many club bosses successfully deploy. It definitely keeps the team working at optimal levels. For these reasons, it should not seem like a surprise that Tony is considering a full back player of potential talent from the Premier League for his team. The Sky Blues manager is looking at bringing in competition for Stokes and Haynes which will be good for the team as well.

He has an eye on a left back that has defensive qualities similar to Chris as well as has the pace to attack like Haynes. As a result, Tony would like to get a competitive player from Premier League who will be able to put pressure on the premier players and hopefully, get them to perform better. The two left footers are currently Tony’s star players. He wants a full back that will be able to combine the talents of both and push them to enhance their skills on the field.

With the name not been revealed, both players have been told that a young left back from premier League teams would be getting on a loan. He would be skilled and fast and able on the left foot. He would be good at beating people as well. As a result, Haynes and Stokes would get a chance to spruce up their skills. They would also look at playing different formations in the upcoming season. Stokes would have to get used to changes in the system like the pitch being a little bit more spread out. Stokes would be playing center half while Ryan would be looking at wing back. Both the players would be here for another season with the club.