Coventry players should sign new deals

Former Coventry City captain Sam Ricketts have urged some players to sign a new contract with the club during the transfer window.

Indeed there are seven players that will be out of contract at the end of the current season and Ricketts have encouraged them to pen a new deal.

He believes that they would have some difficulties in getting new deals elsewhere and that it might be important for them to sign a new contract with Coventry City if they want to continue their football career.

He said that they could experience great difficulties to find a new club and this is why he is encouraging them to sign a new contract with Coventry.

He believes that there are already familiar with the manager as well as the staff and that they know the club better than anyone else. He said that going to a new club will mean that they will have to adapt to new players as well as coaching staff and this can be a major stumbling block for their progression.

He said that Coventry City is giving them an opportunity to continue their career with a top club and that this is a chance that they will need to seize.

Sam Ricketts said that he is quite disappointed with this season performance as the team has been relegated from Championship. However, he feels that there is a good atmosphere around the team and that the manager has vowed to help the team challenge for promotion again.

He feels that this will begin in signing some new players and ensure that they retain the best players despite the relegation. This is why it is also important to retain those at the end of their contract as they are the ones with the most experience.