A steward of the club that has been serving the football club for a long time seems not as impressed with the club anymore.

In an interview with the Telegraph, he said he joined the club because he was comfortable with leaving the fans with a happy face after each game but added that that feeling was no longer existent with the happenings at the club as it is run by London hedge fund Sisu.

“As a steward of 12 year, the recent stories, complaints and rumoursare very hurtful. When I joined, I joined a happy band of stewards and 99 percent were there because of their love for Coventry City Football Club, not for the money, and it was satisfying to see supporters go home with a smile on their face and you went home looking forward to the next home game,” he started out.

He continued saying he could not go when the club started playing home games from out of the city. He said he was happy when there were talks of a return, but with the a Premiership Rugby team coming to Richoh, it angered the fans.

“Supporters were understandably angry. Angry at Wasps, angry at Sisu, Otium and whatever other name our owners have used.And angry at us.This season is poor. No players, no investment, no hope, so the protests start,” the steward said.

The steward then opined that using the head of Wasps security ahead of the safety officer, as before, to secure games was not the reason the pitch invasion reduced.

“If the police, council or Wasps think this has stopped the protests then they are being very naïve. The protests have stopped because fans agreed to stop them for now,” he said.

The steward then said, on an endnote, that he dreaded matchdays now and could not, along with his many colleagues, wait to stop work at the end of the current season.