The Coventry City midfielder Kevin Kilbane has said that the manager was right to criticise the players following the wake of the poor performance in the match against Brentford during the take action. Coventry City have made a poor start to the season and things certainly did not improve in the midweek action against Brentford. This led to the manager criticising the players publicly, which has been seen overly critical in various quarters. The midfielder Kilbane, though, has said that the players needed such a public disapproval from the manager about their performance, and is hoping that they show the right spirit when they play the next match.

Coventry City have not managed a victory in a rematch is the 4-0 win over York city in the football league trophy. Since then, they have conceded two goals in other matches. As a result, they have been slowly slipping down the table. Kilbane reckons that the players need to improve a lot in the next few matches if they are to not get relegated at the end of the season. He has also recalled the way Robins has asked the players to stand up in his first press conference as the Coventry City manager.

“The manager was right to be critical after Tuesdays game. Sometimes you look at things as a player and you always want people to say you’ve done well even if you know sometimes you haven’t. As a player you have to look at yourself first and foremost and cant go round pointing the finger at anyone else because its a team game and if you start pointing the finger it can come around very quickly and catch you,” said the former Wigan athletic midfielder after the Brentford match. Coventry will be playing Leyton Orient during the weekend.