Tony Mowbray has no problem with people protesting

Tony Mowbray has no problem with people protesting and showing anger towards Coventry owners inside the stadium, but, he has requested them to ensure that they cheer for players at the same time because the players are not responsible for any issue.

Mowbray reckons when only negative slogans are raised and not enough noise is made by the audience, the atmosphere goes really negative and such atmosphere does not give the players the drive they need. So, while raising slogans is not a bad thing if you have an issue as a die-hard supporter, you can’t forget your main motive of coming to the stadium which is to cheer for the players.

Mowbray denies he himself is unhappy with his salary too and wants more. As per the 52-year old, it’s not that he was in dark regarding the cash coming with the job. He had read everything written on the contract before penning it. So, he obviously had agreed on the offered salary and no point for him to be discontented now.

Mowbray also says since the time he is working, he has not felt as if he cannot do his job with as much freedom as he would have liked. He’s been let make his decisions. So, he does not really have any complaint with the hierarchy. But, he understands that a lot of other matters have not been handled well which has led to this massive outcry by fans.

One of the Coventry faithful behind the outcry was quoted saying the previous afternoon, “It can’t get any worse than this. It is totally disorganized and unless we have somebody else taking over the club soon, I am sure we would be struggling even for our existence in the coming time.”