Tony Mowbray will not be making any impulsive signings in the summer

The head coach of Coventry City does not want to sign players in an abrupt way as he instead is planning to take things slowly during this approaching summer transfer window. The 51 year old English manager believes that the best way of getting the best players in his team is by being methodical and not going all in in the transfer market, which is something that certain clubs do when it comes to signing highly rated players.

Coventry City’s Tony Mowbray told reporters during a press conference: “I understand the supporters want to see new signings coming in but it’s a big market out there. The aim is to get players who we think offer that value so we can utilize the rest of the money in other areas to try to build a team with strengths and qualities in various areas of the pitch that we feel will help us.”

“I think the message for me is be patient. Wait for the right ones. Don’t rush in because once you spend the penny and give someone a contract you can’t then think you made a mistake there and go and buy another one for the same position. There are lots of players out there and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Let’s take our time, pick the right ones.’’

elected as the new coach of Coventry City and even though he has been in charge of the club in such a small period of time, Mowbray knows what needs to be done in the team and he does not want to make any mistakes especially those concerning signing new players as making an error when it comes to adding new players to the team can cost the club hugely down the road.

Coventry City was able to stay safely away from the bottom relegation zone by 5 points but Mowbray wants to finish in the mid-section of the tables in the next season as he believes that this can accomplished but only by signing the right players.