WiganAthletic’s Gary Caldwell is having a busy summer transfer window

Wigan Athletic was relegated from the English Championship League and will now be performing in the English League One as a consequence of that relegation. The coach of Wigan Athletic, Gary Caldwell has been reinforcing his team by adding players that can reinforce and improve every single section of his squad from the goal-keeping department over to the offensive side.

Gary Caldwell wants to avoid seeing his team suffering relegation once again and the coach of Wigan Athletic has been going through a fairly busy summer transfer window with plenty of new players being signed and added to the team.

Richard O’Donnell, Craig Morgan, Juan Garcia and Donervon Daniels are all of the summer signings of Wigan Athletic that are expected to increase the defensive department of the squad. Donnell is a goal-keeper while all the others are defenders and have already started training with their new club which is aiming to get back into the English Championship League.

As a way to increase the firepower of his team, Gary Caldwell has signed Will Grigg. Grigg is English forward who has been going through successive promotions from different football leagues. With the addition of the 24 year old player, the manager of Wigan Athletic, Gary Caldwell is hoping that Will Grigg is going to help out his new team in earning a promotion spot.

Craig Davies and SanmiOdelusi are some of the other offensive players that have been signed by Wigan Athletic as Gary Caldwell wants to add more depth into his team. Even though Craig Caldwell has already signed quite a few offensive players, he has hinted the possibility of adding further players to his team.

WiganAthletic’s Craig Caldwell said: “I don’t think you can ever have too many quality strikers. If you had six strikers who can score goals, that’s obviously going to stand you in good stead, giving you that firepower. I’m speaking to Jonathan Jackson and the chairman David Sharpe regularly and we’re doing everything we can to get the best players we can to help us.”

Craig Caldwell has already signed quite a few players to his team but there is a possibility of him adding even more as he wants to do everything he can to have a team filled with top players that will help Wigan Athletic in making a return back to the English Championship League.