1. i can hear everyone taking the piss out of me being a cockney. oh who gives a fuck……..

    you was in london, ie where i live. so dont you waltz into my kingdom giving loads to the cockney god.

    i am sky blue tone, the cockney god. BOSCH.

  2. Let’s all sing together
    Play up, Sky Blues
    While we sing together
    We will never lose
    Tottenham or Chelsea
    United or anyone
    They shan’t defeat us
    We’ll fight ’til the game is won!
    City! City! City!

  3. You didnt even sell out in a london derby u plastic cockney so dont harp on about away support. 900 on a tuesday night in london is class not 1200 in a london derby on a saturday 😉

  4. we couldnt hear you all game m8! haha
    what the hell is that shed anyway?!?!
    worse ground in the league!

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