Nick Easter Still Entertains

Nick Easter, having retired in 2016, still remains one of the famous names who are called upon when old and experienced players in the world of rugby need to lend a hand.

He started playing for the rugby union in 2001 and played for teams like Harlequins, Orrell as well as for the national team of England – representing them in the Rugby World Cup for many years (the last being 2015), as well as playing at the Six Nations Championships before announcing his retirement at the age of 38. Continue reading “Nick Easter Still Entertains”

Coventry Bid To Break National League One Attendance Record

Coventry are now busy in planning the end-of-season party to end all parties, they celebrated after their return to the Championship as the champions of National League One (NLO).

When the title was wrapped up three weeks ago, there was plenty of celebrating at Caldy, and the supporters of Cov have two opportunities earlier – the first one was with the Saturday game against Rosslyn Park – to hail heroes at Butts Park Arena on home soil before the final game on the 28th of April against Hull Ionians. Continue reading “Coventry Bid To Break National League One Attendance Record”

Coventry Lift Trophy Of National League One

This was a day to remember for the Coventry Rugby squad in a number of ways as a record crowd for National League One (NLO) of 3,758 watched them putting the seal on an outstanding season ahead of Captain Phil Boulton lifted the trophy of champions and they started the celebrations.

On the occasion, the weather put its best efforts to spoil the occasion; however, the spirit of these champions was so high that nothing was going to dampen it. Even the fans of the team who there to enjoy every minute of a victory parade for which they had waited for a long time to witness. And if Cov were to any way below their best in the challenging conditions, for once it did not matter to Rowland Winter, the director of rugby. Continue reading “Coventry Lift Trophy Of National League One”

Coventry Mourning John Gardiner

Coventry Rugby Club (CRC) is mourning the loss of John Gardiner, one of its finest players of the club who passed away this week.

Valued as a try-scoring forward in the year 1950s and 1960s, and at the age of 92, he died peacefully on Monday amid the presence of his family. Gardiner was a short illness. David Gardiner the third son of John Gardiner said about his death “Coventry Rugby Club (CRC) was like everything to my dad. He said, “Dad played for the club for more than 400 times and when he stopped playing, he was associated with the club with heart and mind. He would be down on Coundon Road and performing whatever he could. Continue reading “Coventry Mourning John Gardiner”